About author

Sebastian Buczyński

I am a dedicated Pythonista having an obsession with software engineering. I value clean code and even cleaner tests.

I put knowledge, principles and patterns above tools, frameworks and languages. Simplified value hierarchy: Principles >> Languages >> Frameworks

I organize meetings of the local Python community in Łódź, centre of Poland because I believe in the value of communities and their uplifting power.

I speak at tech conferences, do a little bit of Open Source and write this blog.

Feel free to contact me 🙂

Where did collecting breadcrumbs come from?!

It’s a reference to I, Robot movie. 😉 We need to go deeper, though. That’s actually a metareference because collecting breadcrumbs in I, Robot refers to Detective Spooner gathering more and more evidence while originally breadcrumbs collecting comes from a fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.

In the context of this blog, collecting breadcrumbs means an act of learning new things, one little post at a time.