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When to use the Clean Architecture?

Enthusiasm, doubt, opposition There are few possible reactions after learning about the Clean Architecture or Hexagonal Architecture (AKA Ports & Adapters) or even merely innocent service layer in Django. Some developers are enthusiastic and try to apply these techniques immediately,… Continue Reading →

Implementing the Clean Architecture with Python – my book is here!

It is my pleasure to announce that my book is finally available to buy. 🙂 The books focuses on practical aspects and is illustrated with tons of code snippets in Python. Don’t forget to check out a code repository… Continue Reading →

The Clean Architecture in Python. How to write testable and flexible code

Sticky post

An ideal project? If someone asked about the features of an ideal project, responses would surely mention a few specific things. First of all, an ideal project would have a clean codebase that is simple to read. Secondly, there should… Continue Reading →

I am writing a book!

You might be wondering why lately there is not much activity on the blog. Frankly, I am currently fully involved in another writing project, namely I am writing a book on the Clean Architecture! Book will be called Implementing Clean… Continue Reading →

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