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Dive into Python’s asyncio, part 1

Concurrency was not seriously taken into account in Python when it was designed. Until 3.4 version, there were two options: threading multiprocessing Although these two modules provided programmers with handy primitives and API, they both have considerable downsides. Due to… Continue Reading →

Collections in Python’s standard library: dict

Warning: this post’s contents is based on Python 3.6rc1 source code – most recent available one at the moment of writing. Dicts are omnipresent A lot of things in Python are dicts. Your programs use dictionaries extensively even if you… Continue Reading →

Python 3.6 new features – formatted string literals

On 23. December 2016 new minor version of Python was released – 3.6. It brings few enhancements and syntax features. In my opinion the most notable one is introduction of formatted string literals.

I always envied Ruby’s string interpolation… Continue Reading →

What is celery beat and how to use it?

Celery is a widely recognized distributed task queue for pythonic projects. Its sole purpose is to reduce load of web servers by delegating time-consuming tasks to separate processes. Our web servers should handle one request for no longer than a… Continue Reading →

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