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How to mock in Python? – (almost) definitive guide

What is a mock? Mock is a category of so-called test doubles – objects that mimic the behaviour of other objects. They are meant to be used in tests to replace real implementation that for some reason cannot be used… Continue Reading →

Code review: how experienced developers do it?

High-quality code review is one of the secrets of the most effective teams. Over the years I noticed a few interesting ways to approach it. Now I share them with you in this article. Recipe 1: Suggesting refactoring in the… Continue Reading →

Is your test suite wasting your time?

This article has been originally included in a PyconPL 2018 conference book. Abstract Nowadays there is no need for convincing anyone about the enormous advantages of writing automated tests for their code. Many developers had an occasion to feel total… Continue Reading →

How to automate testing (almost) any app?

Let’s talk about higher level testing – acceptance and end-to-end. Such test suites interact with your application in the same way as ordinary user. Therefore, we require our tests to communicate with application at the same layer. In other words, we should use the same… Continue Reading →

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