Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #8

The end of Get noticed competition is drawing near and so does my little open source project called Ext Js Pathfinder.

I will continue it for a while to make sure it is compatible with Ext Js 5 & 6 as I planned in the beginning.

What was done:

  • finding components
  • clicking
  • expanding menus
  • hiding menus
  • sending keys (setting input value)
  • getting value of input components
  • getting properties of components found
  • closing window
  • assertions:
    • isVisible
    • notVisible
    • enabled
    • disabled

Everything was developed with a support for Ext Js 4.

What should be done better:

  • less code duplication. There is a lot of repetitive functions just to make sure code is executed in a context of an application under test
  • clearer project roadmap and better goals (SMART maybe?)


All in all, writing a test library was a valuable experience. The most funny thing I did was an implementation of Ext Js Pathfinder’s tests in a reversed direction – test page is assumed to work correctly, the only thing I check is that whether my library interacts with it correctly and assertions are not failing when expected.


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