Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #9 – plans for future

There are few things need to be done before I can say a goal of a project was attained.

In the next few weeks Ext Js Pathfinder is going to finally get support for Ext Js 5 & 6. This will be even easier than providing it for Ext Js 4 because 5th and 6th generation have more convenient helpers than its predecessor.

Second essential thing to do is to provide compatibility with more test runners and environments. Writing with CasperJS was a low-hanging fruit, but the world doesn’t end up here. Especially when PhantomJS loses its maintainer and becomes deprecated technology. Lucky for everyone, teams standing behind leading web browsers (namely Firefox & Chrome) managed to introduce headless modes in their products. They are available in nightly builds only at the moment of writing, but this is going to change soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll take a month off in order to take care about other challenges.


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