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Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #8

The end of Get noticed competition is drawing near and so does my little open source project called Ext Js Pathfinder. I will continue it for a while to make sure it is compatible with Ext Js 5 & 6… Continue Reading →

Django – squashing migrations versus continuous delivery

Every Django project may encounter a steady increase in a number of migrations over time. One way to lower their quantity is to use squashing. Squashing amounts to taking contents of few migrations and connecting them into one. This would… Continue Reading →

Optimizing MySQL queries

One suboptimal database query can effectively paralyse whole application. Tracking down such bottleneck is one thing but speeding it up is not a trivial task. This article is intended to show how one can analyse and refactor slow database query…. Continue Reading →

Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #7

Today I took care of basic support for windows. They are not very interesting when it comes to interacting with. The only way to do something with them beside moving them around is to close them using icon in the… Continue Reading →

Dive into Python’s asyncio, part 5 – protocols

Protocols are asyncio’s primitives supplied as convenient base classes to quickly set up clients or servers using TCP/UDP (+ subprocesses). These are especially helpful when we need to implement low level handling of protocol of some sort. I believe they… Continue Reading →

Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #6

Ext JS has plenty of components. There are main categories, quite familiar to many people like buttons and less-expected descendants such as split buttons. Split button is a creature that hides a menu – when user clicks an “arrow part”… Continue Reading →

Dive into Python’s asyncio, part 4 – simple chat with Sanic

Let’s roll with something practical, namely a simple chat application using Sanic framework mentioned in previous post. Sanic supports websockets out of the box thanks to the websockets library. It’s super easy to write a handler function by using decorator… Continue Reading →

Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #5

Just a quick update. I solved problems with failing tests after switching to my own example Ext JS page. Apparently, PhantomJS doesn’t like protocol mismatch – I served my page using HTTP, but Ext JS assets were served using Sencha’s… Continue Reading →

Dive into Python’s asyncio, part 3 – web framework

Few days ago while I was reading I came across new pythonic micro web framework based on asyncio – Sanic. Coolest thing about Sanic is that it leverages asyncio providing better performance and more efficient hardware utilization. Although it’s… Continue Reading →

Ext Js Pathfinder progress report #4

Today’s note is short. I successfully managed to transition on a custom example page to run tests against. This resulted in much faster execution, however tests are failing due to failure of finding ‘Ext’ object. Unfortunately, reason remains unknown. Possibly,… Continue Reading →

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