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Sebastian Buczyński

Hi! I’m a dedicated pythoneer with over a decade of commercial experience.

I train people @ Bottega IT Minds and work as a Software Architect @ Sauce Labs.

I wrote a book called Implementing the Clean Architecture (in Python, of course!).

Check out my Github profile to see other cool things I’m toying with. My newest project is Python Event Sourcery - an attempt to provide Pythonistas with a decent event sourcing library.

Where did collecting breadcrumbs come from?!

It’s a reference to I, Robot movie. 😉 We need to go deeper, though. If we were to interpret that literally, collecting breadcrumbs in I, Robot stands for Detective Spooner gathering more and more evidence during his investigation. Meanwhile, the character played by Will Smith mentions the phrase several times after noticing it in a fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.

In the context of this blog, collecting breadcrumbs means an act of learning new things, documented by one post at a time.